11 thoughts on “LISTEN

  1. You and Craig are simply magic. I love your stuff and really want to see a cd /mp3 but please not one overproduced. Just keep it simple like these songs.

  2. Just caught this today (1/28/2018). The performance is your own … but it suggests to me a blend of Memphis MInnie with Joe McCoy (of course) with , of all people, Skip James. Wowee!

  3. Listening to your Soundcloud string o’ gems in a sad neonlit office is making my day. (Note to self: write a ‘Neonlit Blues though). Hope you grace the old continent with your presence soon. Much love from Holland ❤ xx

  4. Arriving late to the party, but playing along on either ukulele, mandolin, tiple, banjo or guitar… and wishing you had a “One thousand songs with Meredith” songbook for sale somewhere. ❤

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