10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for a great performance Saturday at the Atlas Cafe. I and my daughter enjoyed it enormously. We were the ones sitting in front of you and who donated twice, the first time while sitting outdoors.

  2. Meredith sang a bit for me while I rang up her groceries at Trader Joe’s and made my day. Thank you. Your music is great. Thanks for making it really come alive.

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to use the term “necromancy” in the lyrics of the songs you sing, at least 75 times per night. I am no necromancer, to be sure, nor do I practice that ancient and obscene art form, but I think performers should take any opportunity to use the word “necromancer” on stage.

  4. Ms. Axelrod, I am trying to locate a CD of your tunes but having no luck, oh dreary day… I suppose I should have purchased one of your discs when you played here in our scenic village of Occidental with Jim Kweskin and ensemble but alas I was too enchanted by you to think straight. And I suppose it would be completely ridiculous to ask about the chance of a date some time, but a guy can dream… Thank you for your excellent performance and unsurpassed entertainment skills. Humbly yours, Bruce Schmidt

  5. Great show at Crooked House concerts in Auburn!!! After seeing so many of your videos it was great to see you in person. Hope you try to make it up to Grass Valley/Nevada City. Lots of great venues that you would be great.

  6. Hi, Meredith. I heard you today in Occidental, along with Jim Kweskin. I heard about the gig via your email list. I first heard you a few years ago in Tiburon at Schoenberg Guitars. You are authentic and have much character. Don’t ever change.

    P.S. “Moonglow” was written in 1933.

  7. Just heard you on KPOO 89.5 FM: funny and delightful, loved it! Great music too. Thank God for the POO. they turn me on to great Artists like you. Happy Holidays Ms M!

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