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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for a great performance Saturday at the Atlas Cafe. I and my daughter enjoyed it enormously. We were the ones sitting in front of you and who donated twice, the first time while sitting outdoors.

  2. Meredith sang a bit for me while I rang up her groceries at Trader Joe’s and made my day. Thank you. Your music is great. Thanks for making it really come alive.

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to use the term “necromancy” in the lyrics of the songs you sing, at least 75 times per night. I am no necromancer, to be sure, nor do I practice that ancient and obscene art form, but I think performers should take any opportunity to use the word “necromancer” on stage.

  4. Ms. Axelrod, I am trying to locate a CD of your tunes but having no luck, oh dreary day… I suppose I should have purchased one of your discs when you played here in our scenic village of Occidental with Jim Kweskin and ensemble but alas I was too enchanted by you to think straight. And I suppose it would be completely ridiculous to ask about the chance of a date some time, but a guy can dream… Thank you for your excellent performance and unsurpassed entertainment skills. Humbly yours, Bruce Schmidt

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