CDs Available

I have:

Hippo Hurray 2012 – mostly live recordings of myself singing at gigs

Craig Ventresco Plays the Guitar 2009 – This is really not my CD but it’s a great CD!

Ragtime Review 2008 – a CD Craig and I made ourselves; I think it has 12 instrumentals and 2 sung songs

Get Happy 2012 – The Get Happy Stringband’s debut CD – 14 or 15 cuts of old fiddle tunes, about 2/3 with vocals.   It’s Darcy Noonan, Craig Ventresco, and me.  Darcy and I sing harmonies; Craig plays mandolin.  Darcy and Craig play just like the 1920s stringbands; hard and soulfully.  If you are into country 78s from the 1920s, and you know what they sound like, you will not believe how much Darcy’s and Craig’s playing sounds like them.

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