Solo Act
Duo act with string virtuoso Craig Ventresco  

Hillbilly 1920s and 1930s Country Americana String Band Jug Band

Meredith sings, plays guitar, cello, kazoo, and jug in The Get Happy String Band 

And also she plays cello and guitar and sings in the Sneaky Freaky String Band with Suzy & Eric Thompson and Craig Ventresco.

Meredith Axelrod and her Wayfaring Strangers is a larger outfit of a string band act.

Collaborations w/ Other Singers

I love to make up spontaneous harmonies and peculiar vocalizations behind other singers.

Early Jazz / Trad Jazz / Hot Jazz

– Meredith leads a band that plays early jazz at dances and festivals 

1920s Pop 
Ragtime and Ragtime-Contemporary-Pop / Tin Pan Alley 

Jug Bands

“Jug Band” shouldn’t be a category; they’re just string bands that happen to have a jug in them.  Meredith plays jug, and was hired as the jug player in the Kweskin Jug Band 50th Anniversary Reunion shows in 2013.  She can put together a jug band at a moment’s notice!

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