October 19th Solo Concert in Los Angeles


Meredith will play at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood on October 19, 2013!

4773 Hollywood Blvd; Los Angeles, CA 90027

8:30pm $15


Tamar Korn is gonna join me at Atlas Cafe this Saturday Aug 10 2013 4-6p

Atlas Cafe is at 3049 20th St. in San Francisco. This is a video of Tamar playing there with me from last year. I am delighted to tell you she’ll join me again this Saturday!  Also, they now have komboucha there.  No cover charge.

The common thread throughout the music I sing is that it is from sheet music, cylinders, or 78s that were popular between 1890 and 1940, with the heaviest concentration in the 1920s.

This encompasses various styles of music, including blues, jazz, pop, ragtime, and country.  I’m gonna list some extra words for the benefit of search-breadth: trad jazz, traditional jazz, hot jazz, jug band, vocal harmony, tin pan alley, vaudeville, vitaphone, vintage, americana, delta blues.  I present shows in different styles by having different instrumentation in my band if I have a band, and by choosing repertoire that is appropriate to the theme.

I’m coming to Chicago; Craig Ventresco will play our regular gigs without me in the meanwhile

L1020548I’m gonna be in Chicago from 7/27-8/6, so I’m missing my residency gigs in San Francisco during that time, but Craig Ventresco will still play those gigs without me, especially the Wednesday ones at Cafe Divine.  I’ll be appearing at Schuba’s in Chicago on July 27th, and at the Honky Tonk BBQ in Chicago on Friday, August 2nd EARLY, like 7:30pm.

I’m the jug player in the Kweskin Jug Band 50th Anniversary shows

I’ll play the jug with them tonight, Friday, and Saturday.  That means I can’t be at Cafe Divine tonight, but Craig Ventresco will be there, solo.  Always check my calendar here at http://www.meredithaxelrod.com/calendar to double check whether I will be at my regular gigs to make sure I’ll be there if you are going there hoping to see me.  I’m looking forward to returning to Cafe Divine when I get back from California Coast Music Camp.

The Kweskin Jug Band shows are sold out for tonight and Friday, but there are a few tickets left for Saturday at the Freight & Salvage.  The band features Jim Kweskin, Maria Muldaur, Jeff Muldaur, Cindy Cashdollar, Sam Bevin,

Join Me at a Summer Camp for Music Students

vlcsnap-2013-04-22-19h41m35s92 (2)I am teaching at Centrum Voice Works in Port Townsend this June and California Coast Music Camp this coming July.  www.musiccamp.org

PRINCESS IVONA, and Schedule changes

529123_573194482710256_333855778_nI’m sort of like the greek chorus in this production of the 1935 play, Princess Ivona.   We’re rehearsing hard this week, so I’m not to be at Bottle Cap this Tuesday, nor am I to be at Cafe Divine this Wednesday.  I’m at Rite Spot (17th St. @ Folsom St. in San Francisco) tomorrow (Monday 1/21/13) 8:30-11 with Craig Ventresco.  PRINCESS IVONA opens Thursday, runs through Feb 2.  Go see it!  www.thecollectedworks.org

PS I made a soundtrack to the play, to be sold at the play, that is comprised of my versions of all the songs I will sing and play in the play!  It’s called Princess Ivona Soundtrack.


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