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Concerts in New York with Craig Ventresco, Tamar Korn + Brain Cloud

Craig Ventresco and I are playing a concert at Barbes in Brooklyn Friday Sep 26 8-9:30pm

Then we’re playing another concert at 9 the Jalopy Theatre with Tamar Korn + Brain Cloud (the latter as one band)!

I am playing a concert in Hollywood with Frank Fairfield Saturday Aug 30

We would love to see you at our concert!
Special Guest Jim Kweskin will do a number or two with me!
Tickets are $15 and you can buy them here: http://trepanyhouse.tix.com/Event.aspx?EventCode=680651


I’m playing in San Francisco throughout August, then going to San Diego and LA at the end of the month! Check my calendar : )



Poster by Meghann Welsh


Frank Fairfield will join me at Atlas Cafe July 5 4-6pm

What a delight!  Frank Fairfield is going to play my gig with me at Atlas Cafe 3049 20th St. in San Francisco.


Singer Meredith Axelrod leads a trad jazz band! We play at dances, concerts, and festivals.


It adds a great atmosphere to any event!  We have authentic 1920s costumes to make your event look special.

I’m coming to LA on Jan 25th, and I put up a video of me and Craig Ventresco doing When I Was a Cowboy

I am playing another solo show at the Steve Allen Theater on 1/25!

4773 Hollywood Blvd; Los Angeles, CA 90027


Craig Ventresco and I did When I Was a Cowboy at the Atlas Cafe, and I put it up on You Tube.  Enjoy!  


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