PRINCESS IVONA, and Schedule changes

529123_573194482710256_333855778_nI’m sort of like the greek chorus in this production of the 1935 play, Princess Ivona.   We’re rehearsing hard this week, so I’m not to be at Bottle Cap this Tuesday, nor am I to be at Cafe Divine this Wednesday.  I’m at Rite Spot (17th St. @ Folsom St. in San Francisco) tomorrow (Monday 1/21/13) 8:30-11 with Craig Ventresco.  PRINCESS IVONA opens Thursday, runs through Feb 2.  Go see it!

PS I made a soundtrack to the play, to be sold at the play, that is comprised of my versions of all the songs I will sing and play in the play!  It’s called Princess Ivona Soundtrack.

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3 Comments on “PRINCESS IVONA, and Schedule changes”

  1. Jackie Jones says:

    Meredith Dear, Today is Tuesday, I didn’t get your schedule change to go to the Rite Spot on Monday, until today. Sorry to miss you and Craig. Jackie Jones

    • Jackie Jones says:

      I missed you at Rite Spot on Monday because I got your notification on Tuesday. Sorry to have missed you and Craig. Jackie Jones

  2. Jackie Jones says:

    My reply is already on the comments I just wrote.

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